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Pool’s more than just putting cue to ball; you’ve got to know how to attack the table. Here are some helpful hints to outthink your opponent.

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Being on the Right Side of the Ball (January 2010)
Combination Shots as Strategy (January 2009)
Don’t Sell Out (August 2010)
English, Position Control (March 2010)
Great Shots, Using the Pocket Tip (February 2010)
Last-Ball Strategy (November 2009)
Last-Pocket Decisions (July 2010)
Last-Shot Pressure (March 2010)
Position Play, Breaking up Clusters (February 2010)
Position, Practicing With Ball In-Hand (September 2010)
Running a Rack (August 2009)
Safety Play, Precision Safeties (October 2009)
Safety Play (April 2010)
Safety Play (June 2010)
Shots Along the Rail (December 2009)
The Physics of the Draw Shot, Part IV (July 2009)
Use Your Imagination (April 2009)

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