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Perhaps the most common game across America, there’s more to this popular gateway version of the sport than you might think.

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8-Ball Quiz (January 2009)
Ask Questions, Recognize Situations (September 2009)
Banking Speed (May 2010)
Be Prepared to Change Plans (August 2009)
Breaking Clusters (October 2009)
Combination Shots As Strategy (January 2009)
Don’t Sell Out (August 2010)
English for Position (February 2009)
Get Your Mind Right (May 2009)
Judging Frozen Balls (December 2009)
Last-Ball Strategy (November 2009)
Last-Pocket Decisions (July 2010)
Late-Game Situations (July 2009)
Multiple-Rail Banks (June 2010)
Play Position to the Middle (June 2009)
Playing From Behind (February 2010)
Position, Practicing With Ball In-Hand (September 2010)
Running A Rack (August 2009)
Safety Play (June 2010)
Shot Making and Strategy (April 2010)
Table Size Matters (March 2010)
The Physics of the Draw Shot, Part IV (July 2009)
When to be Aggressive (January 2010)

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