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Adept in a number of games, 8-ball guru Larry Schwartz has won a number of significant titles, including back-to-back BCA National 8-Ball Championships in the masters team division.

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JULY 2010: Last Pocket 8-Ball
JUNE 2010: Bank Shots, Part II
MAY 2010: Bank Shots, Part I
APRIL 2010: Beat Aging with Shot-Making and Strategy
MARCH 2010: Prepare for the Bar Table
FEBRUARY 2010: Playing From Behind in 8-Ball
JANUARY 2010: Offense or Defense?


DECEMBER 2009: Frozen Ball Shots
NOVEMBER 2009: Understanding Deflection
OCTOBER 2009: Busting Clusters
SEPTEMBER 2009: Going Rail First
AUGUST 2009: Plan, Re-Plan, and Plan Again
JULY 2009: Late Game Situations
JUNE 2009: Play Position to Center Table
MAY 2009: Stay Positive
APRIL 2009: Developing a Pre-Shot Routine
FEBRUARY 2009: English 101
JANUARY 2009: 8-Ball Pop Quiz

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