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A mechanical engineering professor at Colorado State University, David Alciatore has written a number of books and produced videos that delve into the physics of cue sports.

Click the links below to download each article in .pdf form.
Articles also can be sorted by subject here.


SEPTEMBER 2010: Fixing Imperfections
AUGUST 2010: Systematic Success
JULY 2010: Getting An Angle
JUNE 2010: Get Your Kicks
MAY 2010: Banking Angles
APRIL 2010: Peace Out of Trouble
MARCH 2010: Video Encyclopedia, Part 3
FEBRUARY 2010: Video Encyclopedia, Part 2
JANUARY 2010: Video Encyclopedia, Part 1


DECEMBER 2009: Final Exam
NOVEMBER 2009: That Was Close!
OCTOBER 2009: Ruling on the Rail
SEPTEMBER 2009: Freezing It
AUGUST 2009: Knowing Fair and Foul
JULY 2009: Drawing Conclusions: Cue Elevation
JUNE 2009: Spin-to-Speed Ratios
MAY 2009: Bring It Back
APRIL 2009: The Holy Grail
FEBRUARY 2009: Plan for Success
JANUARY 2009: Position Control

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